How To Set Up Your Online Store On Jarmomart Marketplace

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1. Create A Vendor Account

You can create a vendor account by following these steps on the Vendor registration page.
You will be required to fill the following information for the basics. Please ensure you give accurate information to avoid loss of your account:
  1. Email: Your correct mail address.
  2. Store Name: The name of your store. Note that the url of your store will be created with the name you fill here.
  3. Store Phone: Please fill in the number on which customers can reach you here.
  4. Password: Please use a password you can remember. Only you can know your password. Do not give anyone your password.
  5. Confirm Password: Fill in the same Password
  6. Agree to terms and conditions: Make your you tick this box.
  7. Register: Finally Click on this box and your store is automatically set up.

Set Up Your Store

Follow the prompts after registration to set up your store immediately, or skip set up till another time. so that you can start adding your products right away.

Add Your Products and start selling

Upload your products as shown..

senator wear for men 3

The Best Experience Ever

I am excited to be selling on Jarmomart. They make selling easy for me online. bravo guys!
a man smiling for selling on jarmomart 2
Online Retailer

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