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Isn’t it amazing that tough situations evolve into some truly extraordinary things? Today, the focus of the story is not just the seeming obstacles, but the fantastic sense of community they’ve inspired. Interestingly, circumstances that once loomed as crises have flourished into opportunities that are bringing our communities and beyond closer together.

This peculiar spirit of community & cooperation is what we’ve harnessed at Jarmo-Mart Marketplace, where we’ve turned it into a thriving ecosystem where people come together—not just to trade, but also to support and encourage one another. Motivated by the perseverance and compassion that have long characterized us, we unite a group of creators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers.

Every product has a narrative, every purchase creates a bond, and every encounter moves us closer to our shared goal of collective triumph. Our platform is a story of passion, creative thinking, and optimism, a celebration of diversity and creativity, offering products and services ranging from locally made handicrafts to state-of-the-art technical wonders. We now serve as a home for those who perceive the world not only as it is, but also as it could be—dreamers, makers, legitimate hustlers, creators, and doers.


At Jarmomart, we enable our sellers to do more than just promote their goods; we enable them to share their passions, communicate their perspectives, and establish a deeper connection with their audience. For our customers, Jarmomart Marketplace is more than just a place to shop; it’s a place to explore, be inspired, satisfy your need for high-quality goods and services, get pampered, and be a part of a community that values sustainability and creativity.

A marketplace unmatched by any other emerges here! This is a place where the modern homes and the traditional artisans meet, where the startup creates innovative products for global consumers. Our platform serves as a creative canvas where goods from even the most remote corners of the globe can be showcased to a global audience of consumers. We are fostering a global ecosystem that promotes sustainability and values variety.

We serve a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including Supplements, Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more.

Every purchase on Jarmomart Marketplace is more than simply a transaction; it’s an exciting journey stretching ideas, cultures, and continents. Whether you intend to buy, sell, or simply be inspired, you are entering a world where every click and every transaction contributes to a better, more connected future.

We cordially invite you to join our community, which is founded on compassion, resourcefulness, and a common goal. Every obstacle you face presents a chance for us to get to understand you better, to build something for you, to be of service, and to support you as we overcome together. Every click is an adventure, every product is a connection, a story that serves as a bridge between worlds for both of us. As we serve you, let us share in your triumphant journey, one click, one purchase, one narrative, and one

Jarmomart.com.ng is Nigeria’s preferred online marketplace for fashion, health and beauty products, as well as other home essentials.


Our range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process; these services include our lowest price guarantee, order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer service support and many other premium services.


We are highly customer-centric and are committed towards finding innovative ways of improving our customers’ shopping experience with us; so give us some feedback on support@jarmomart.com.ng

For other important questions, kindly send us an email on admin@jarmomart.com.ng


Whether it is fashion products, health products, beauty products, Food items, or other daily needs that you want quickly, we’ve got it for you, ready to be delivered as fast as you want it.

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Quality Product/ Service Delivery

We ensure we bring you only high quality products and services that you need for your day to day life, while you’re at the comfort of your home/office , and we ensure we get it in front of your door (or your preferred drop-off point) within the minimum time possible.


Updated to satisfy you

We constantly update our inventory to ensure that our products are of high quality, affordable and as fresh and easy to order as possible, While also ensuring you get it as quickly as possible.

We have different ranges of products available for various people, from individuals to families.

Corporate locations

Our corporate locations are at

Trinity Court, Dokun Ogundipe Avenue, Maryland, Lagos.

B7 Obanta Close, off adeniyi Jones, Ikeja

Indoor & outdoor

We are flexible with the items in your request. You can change items in your order for something you would like.

You can start now by just saying hi to your online personal shopper “Jarmie”. Click this link now: https://bit.ly/Hi-Jarmie

Why You’ll Love Us

There has never been a better time to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

Shopping on Jarmomart means shopping with ease and comfort with high speed delivery. We’re deliberately improving the quality of our services consistently just to ensure we give you a fantastic time and easy life every day.


  • Quality products & services
  • 24/7 available service
  • Delicious meals, etc
  • Trusted & Dedicated Sellers
  • No Scam
  • Fantastic experience
  • Easy to operate web/phone app
  • Affordable prices of products
  • Very Quick & affordable delivery

You can start now by just saying hi to “Jarmie” your online personal shopper. Click this link now: https://bit.ly/Hi-Jarmie

You can chat with us live on Whatsapp. Click Here

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