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All I Want For Christmas Is…

During our undergraduate days in school then, my friend, Sandra had this guy who was admiring her. We can help you lose weight naturally. This guy was everything you wanted in a man. He was good-looking; as in “fine boy, no pimples”, lively to chat with, and a nice guy for that matter. Talk about being a nice guy, he was a near perfect gentleman. Yeah, I even remember one evening in those days when, let me say, he was still trying to find his way to Sandra’s heart; he took us out just because of Sandra, three of us, bought us food, drinks, etc. In fact, we had lots of fun that day. That was the first day Sandra agreed to go out with him, and she had insisted that she will go out with him only if he took us, her two friends along with her.

Sandra had been playing hard to get for over three weeks since he first talked to her. By the way, you could always trust Sandra on that one. You know this ‘fine babe’ thing that girls do, especially in school. But, you don’t blame her anyways. Truth be said, Sandra was the perfect definition of what you’ll call “the African beauty”. She was actually my friend, and my course mate too. She also happened to have won beauty pageant awards in two different beauty competitions on campus, as winner, and the first runner-up respectively, including holding the undisputed title as the most beautiful girl in our department then.

Fast forward to two weeks later, Sandra and this guy had started getting along well with each other. They were better friends already. Let me also confess that we also supported this guy by encouraging Sandra to accept him, after the guy had bought us Shawarma, though unknown to Sandra. As I was saying, It was then, after two weeks of getting to know each other better, that Sandra discovered that this guy had another girlfriend all along. At that point, she felt betrayed and had to pull away from him.

The guy actually wanted to jilt the girlfriend for Sandra, but Sandra said she didn’t want him again. Although before Sandra left, she did a little probe to know why he wanted to leave his girl. Guess what… Can you imagine that this guy couldn’t come up with any tangible reason, except the fact that he didn’t like the girl’s shape! He said she looked too fat, not as slim as Sandra. Hmm. It was just so much about her looks and little about anything else. Lol. Guys can be so funny ehnn. (Sorry, I won’t like to mention the real name of his girlfriend here to respect her privacy, but permit me to call her “Joyce” for the purpose of this article).

Standing 5 feet,10 inches tall, with a trim looking “figure-8” body, like that of Rihana, Sandra is of course a confident beautiful girl by any standard. But unfortunately you may not be able to say that about Joyce. Don’t get me wrong, Joyce is a nice beautiful girl in her own way. It’s just that she was a bit overweight, unlike Sandra our trim beauty queen. Actually, the day I came to know who the Joyce was, I discovered she was a very sweet girl, with a good character, a very cool-headed girl, and a proper wife material, 100 yards sef. Only that she was overweight.

Well, I have not seen or heard from Joyce for years now. But if it were this day, knowing what I know now, I know very well that I can help her keep her man (that is if she wants him too though). She had everything I think a good guy seems to be looking for in a woman that he will really like to spend his lifetime with. One thing I observed however is: it seems that most people have not even realized that being overweight is not something that is irreversible.

It’s several years already since we left school, and the last time I and Sandra spoke is over a year now, but thinking of her and the other girl today, I thought to write this beautiful article to help you my beautiful and handsome friend(s), with some tips on how you can get and remain in shape just naturally, and I hope you love it. I believe you can still glow with a beautiful-looking, trim body . This season, is a good opportunity to present this article with FREE tips to help you recreate a better-looking, beautiful or handsome you, so as to help you keep the attention of your admirers especially at this hot season! Lol.  Lose weight without stress.

See, all I want is to help bring out a beautiful you that is set for this Christmas. Look beautiful and trim. Lose weight the natural way! Grab the right attention of the right person this season.! find out how you can lose weight the natural way now!

Look Beautiful And Trim This Season And Always…

….And Pull The Attention of Your Admirers This Season And Every Other Time.

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