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Outfit Colour Guide For Guys: How To Match Clothes With Shoes and Sneakers (Part 1)

Guys, do you know that a man’s outfit is judged from his shoes up?

So, if a man’s outfit is judged from his shoes up, then the colour of his shoes is the first to influence someone’s opinion.

Footwear, like everything else in menswear, has recently become less rigid; you can now wear normal corporate shoes and shirts with jeans, and sneakers with a suit. The key to pulling off any look is colour-matching; get the shade wrong and you’ll look like a car salesman on a night out or like you’ve changed into your comfortable shoes for errands.

And, like everything else in your wardrobe, nailing the color is both the easiest and most difficult aspect of getting dressed in the morning.

It’s simple to stick to tonal combinations, such as black shoes with black trousers or brown shoes with tan chinos, and never look out of place. But it’s a dressing pattern that you can quickly get bored with, as well as get you into financial ruin. Unless you only plan on wearing a couple of different colours of trousers, you’ll need a rainbow of footwears to give you enough options.

“A black pair of shoes would be the smartest colour, in my opinion, because it’s an absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe,” says Kenneth, one of our fashion gurus at Jarmomart Fashion. “Everyone requires a clean, simple black leather lace-up.”

Men's casual fashion sneakers
Men’s casual fashion sneakers

Overall, I don’t believe there is a least-smart colour, but the real blunder would be failing to explore your options.
My advice is to have fun with your decorated fitted wears while keeping your black pairs classic.”

There are some basic rules to follow each morning when choosing your shoe colour.

Here’s how to match men’s clothes and shoes:
Colour blocks are always more sophisticated than multicoloured patterns.

Darker tones are generally smarter than lighter tones. They’re also more adaptable.

Smartness is determined by both decoration and colour: black Derbies are smarter than tan Derbies, but chocolate Oxfords can be more refined than both.

Sneakers and smart shoes follow different rules: white Oxford shoes look odd, but white sneakers will go with anything in your closet.

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Look forward to our next article for the part two of this.

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